NANO CERAMIC 9H is an easy-to-use liquid that is carefully placed on all parts (cars, steamers, airplanes, motorcycles, precious products) after processing the paint, removing scratches and circles and leaving it dry until the material becomes a glass layer to protect the vehicle from:

1- Scratches
2 - door strikes in positions
3 - Dust, grit and dust in highways
4 - The sun and the brightness of the color
5. Protect paint from the remnants of birds and trees
6 - to protect the lights and the grid of fading

1 - to make the crystal shine of the car
2 - easy to remove Polsch without leaving any traces on the paint.
3 - a little dirty car
4 - bear high temperature up to 750 degrees
5. Sucks blows
6 - When paint or paint spill on the paint of the vehicle easy to remove without the need to repaint the vehicle
7 - prevents the collection of water and dust on the surface of the car and can be washed the car with water only without the use of soap.

Size: 30 ml It is enough to work one layer for a mid size car.

Accessories: Ceramic Nanosheet + Flyer Method of use + Sponge + Blister paper.

After cleaning the paint and removing the scratches and circles and after cleaning the car well put the nanoceramic accurately on all parts of the car, taking into account that the car is a place completely isolated from dust or water or sunlight to dry as described in the video.

For greater protection and stronger luster, it is always advisable to place more than one nano-ceramic layer with the harsh gulf atmosphere, taking into account the distribution of liquid on all parts of the vehicle.
All layers have increased the protection period to no more than 7 layers because it is not practical to use after this number due to saturation between the coating particles and the glass.

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Nano Ceramic Japan DPro

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